Making ends meet can be hard, especially for those living paycheck to paycheck. For many people, all of their earnings are required just to get by. Often, people start off doing just fine, but then there’s an unexpected expense, and something has to give; maybe it’s a credit card payment which results in late fees or higher bills. Perhaps the auto insurance was raised on the car. Maybe someone even lost their job. Pretty soon everything’s late, and you find yourself jumping whenever the phone rings, or cringing when you get the mail. If any of this sounds familiar, you may want to consider meeting with me.

Many people who should consider filing for bankruptcy do not even see bankruptcy as an option. In reality, bankruptcy is the best option for many people. I will discuss your particular situation and circumstances and help decide if filing is the right choice.

Bankruptcy in most situations can completely clean the slate of credit card and medical bills. Thanks to bankruptcy exemptions, most people do not lose any of their property during the process. With a debt relief attorney, you’ll be able to obtain a fresh start, and move on to achieve all of your financial goals. Although there has been a stigma placed on bankruptcy, many people are able to begin reestablishing their credit shortly after discharge.

Let me help you through this!

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