Probate & Estate Planning

Probate & Estate Planning

Unfortunately, there are too many people that fail to plan for their deaths. You may think that you are too young, too healthy, or do not have enough personal assets to bother. Probate & Estate planning can ensure your wishes for who should receive which asserts, who will care for you if your physical or mental health suddenly declines or who will raise and care for your children if your life is lost. Don’t wait to handle these important decisions.

I provide my clients with comprehensive estate planning, estate planning and administration and elder law services. I understand the substantive and procedural laws governing trusts, probate estates, conservatorships and other matters affecting probate and trust administration. Don’t listen to your neighbors or friends. Seek advice from an attorney to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Areas of Probate & Estate Planning Include

Probate Proceedings

Wills & Trusts

Trust Administration

Guardian & Conservatorship

Trust & Will Disputes

Power of Attorneys

Estate Litigation

Medical Power of Attorneys

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